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Die Aktivistin

Die Aktivistin

ISBN (print): 978-3-9503-7136-9

ISBN (e-book): 978-3-9503-7137-6

Publisher: serendii

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Europe, in the autumn of 2018: The European Parliament proclaims the imminent abolishment of hard cash in the whole euro area – in favour of a purely digital payment system.

While politicians begin to praise the forthcoming currency reform to the skies, there arises huge frustration within the populace: Many are aware that a system of purely digital payment transactions means an absolute control over the finances of the individual.

Johanna Perl, a student from Lower Austria, decides to actively protest against the decision of the central government on the internet – and meets with an unexpected response. When the Slovakian university professor Kaspar Petržalkov becomes aware of her, there soon originates a collaboration between the student and the scholar – which results in a serious resistance movement.

Johanna and professor Petržalkov know for sure: Europe is sitting on a political powder keg. And so they dare themselves into the fight against the system.


In this opus, I thoroughly have a critical view on established structures; but principally, I want to already rear a monument beforehand: As a warning of of what could become reality in future if the current development takes its course further on unimpeded.

More and more spheres of life are monitored – while at the same time increasingly unworldly politicians tend to simply ask the taxpayer to pay up in case of monetary thightness. Now one might imagine what fatal decisions many a strongman could meet, if he had a detailed overview of income, consumer buying habits and savings of the taxpayers just at the push of a button.

But beyoned its functon as a monument, the opus shall hint to one thing in particular: Power and control are not in the right place; politics operate behind closed doors and wish for easy-to-monitor taxpayers; but indeed, things should be exactly the other way round: For the taxpayer, it should be easily and comprehensibly exposed what authorities are doing – while the authorities plain and simply must not take any interest in many a life-sphere of every citizen!

The Origin

I already had the idea for a literary monument against the sprawling political overreach years ago - as a result of fear and anger about the increasing control mania of the authorities, especially relating to private (money-)possession. So, a note had been existing on the hard disc of my computer for a while.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly had my problems with the structure this time: I was simply unable to create a suitable storyline around the existing subject matter. And thus, when in the beginning of 2013 the translation of my 3rd book into English was completed, I could not start working on this 4th book project for the moment. I tried it – but none of my attempts was capable of pleasing me in the slightest.

As a result, some months drifted by, during which I adressed myself to a complete reworking of my debut novel ‚Der Freizeitpionier‘ among other things – already in view of a second volume, which shall be free of rookie mistakes. However – any progress with my new opus failed to materialize.

Finally, on September 30th, I had the dazzling idea: The plot should focus on a female activist, who would campaign against the currency conversion; the reform should further take place in the euro area only and not worldwide, as initially envisaged.

After a conceptual base was created and the first few pages were written, it soon became certain that I would complete the manuscript this time. Even though I had a full time job since September 2nd, I worked pretty consequent on the opus and thus made a good progress. On March 7th, I completed the manuscript; exactly two weeks later, on March 21st, after having proofread it once, I forwarded it to Serendii. The book got published there on July 1st, 2014.

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