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I was born on August 4th, 1987, (a Thuesday) in Eisenstadt.

I attended school from 1993 until 2005; during my final year I visited high school as an extern student. Because of procrastinations due to my status as an extern student, I did not receive my school leave certificate before the autumn of 2007.

In autumn 2004, during my final year at school, I developed a massive soft spot for the Harry Potter story. This phenomenon had a huge, inspiring effect on me and thus I soon became a very active member of the international Harry Potter fan community.

Since I did not longer attend classes since summer of 2005, I started working at my father's company as a printing assistant; a decision which should turn out to be a hard lot: I did not enjoy working with the printing machine and thus it did not last very long until I started to feel increasinly uncomfortable in my everyday life.

As a result, I decided to give up the job at the printing shop in March of 2007. And while I was preparing for my last pending externist's exam, I begun to write - on a whim - the the first few pages of a manuscript in summer of the same year: I started to tell a story to come to terms with my experiences from the printing shop as well as my aversion against modern working life. However, the creative enthusiasm did not last very long: Just after some more than a chapter I gave up the work on the project again.

In summer of the same year, I started writing a novel. I wanted to work up some of those things into it, which I had experienced during my year at the printing shop. However, the preparation for my school leaving exam came across my enthusiasm for writing, so I gave it up just after a short time.

Once I passed the pending exam in October 2007, and thus got my school leaving certificate, I started attending university in Eisenstadt in September of 2008.

During my student days, on a day in autumn of 2009, I had the idea to note down all my experiences from my years lasting activity with virtual Harry Potter communities - with the aim to get them published as a book. I started this project full of elation, but had to stop it because of a very stressful December at university. But instead of continuing the work in the new year, I came across the manuscript, which I had been working on close before my Matura examination: I decided to finish it before going on with my autobiography.

In summer of 2011, I graduated from the university of applied sciences. Just a few months later, on December 20th, 2011, my book "Der Freizeitpionier" was published. I completed my second opus "Die Wüstenpflanze" in summer 2012; it has been released on September 10th, 2012.

Almost two months later, on November 9th, 2012, my autobiography 'Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans' was released; in this book, I wrote about the experiences I made during my years lasting commitment in the virtual Harry Potter fandom. Because of a huge interest from the international fan community, the opus soon got translated into English; the translation was released in April 2013 under the title 'Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan' as e-book.

In autumn of 2013, I started writing my fourth book - and consistently used the winter months for the writing work. The novel with the title "Die Aktivistin" was released on July 1st 2014.

Currently I am writing my fifth book.

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