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Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans

Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans

ISBN: 978-3-8491-2350-5

Publisher: Tredition

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For many years, beginning in spring 2005, I was active in the virtual Harry Potter fan community: I started helping out on the renowned fansite 'Emma Watson Empire' and advanced, from a normal site visitor, to the site's representative just within a few months.

Two years later, I founded the Knight Bus, world's most likely biggest Harry Potter link archive. And finally, I started the organisation 'The International Network Of Harry Potter Websites': My attempt to get the worldwide fandom to collaborate and to keep it in one piece after the release of the final Harry Potter movie.

In this book, I talk about my activities and inducements, as well as the influence which the Harry Potter story had on my life.

The Origin

In autumn 2009, when my activity in the virtual Harry Potter fandom seemed to be most widely over, I felt the urge to write down all my experiences, which I made during my time as a dedicated fan; thoroughly with the idea to get it published. I wrote eagerly, until the likely most work intensive period of my whole college days - for the moment - did not let me enough room for it.

Basically, I planned to go on writing the chronicles in the beginning of the next year, but things came different: I found a manuscript which I had begun writing years earlier and decided to accomplish it; completing my first novel kept me busy until December 2011.

After my debut novel was released, during the last few days of 2011, I got new incentive to complete the chronicles; so I did this parallel to writing my second novel.

Finally, when the chronicles were added some essential details, relieved of redundancies and stylistically completely revised, the opus got published on November 9th, 2012.

Media Response

To my delight, there actually was some media reaction to the release of 'Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans': There were reports on several Harry Potter websites and even an article in the newspaper.

"'Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans' got very widely known shortly after its release because of numerous Harry Potter fan-websites, which are run by and for the community"

Pannonische Rundschau

"Thomas has his finger on the pulse of the 'Harry Potter' fandom and is able to share his stories from an insider's perspective. It takes one to know one, and MuggleNet, the World's No. 1 Harry Potter fan site, wishes Thomas complete success with his new book"


Translation into English

Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan

ISBN: 978-3-8495-2485-2

Verlag: Tredition

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In April 2013, the book was released with the title 'Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan' as an english E-book - and since then ins't reserved to the german speaking area only any longer.

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